Tinkers Farm Opera (TFO) began in 1953 when pupils and staff of Tinkers Farm School, Northfield, performed 'Devilry with the Doones' written by a member of staff. After this resounding success, they went on to perform 'HMS Pinafore', followed by several decades of Gilbert and Sullivan and other operettas, the occasional grand opera and latterly, modern musicals.

In 1966 the Society transferred their productions to The Crescent Theatre, with rehearsals taking place at Tinkers Farm School until 1970, when they moved to Allens Cross Community Centre. In late 2022 we secured a rehearsal venue at Lutley Community Center and Clent Parish Hall.

Our recent productions, since we turned to musicals, have been ‘Me and My Girl’ and ‘Kiss Me Kate’, all of which have been performed in Stourbridge Town Hall. We also put on an interim themed Concert at least once a year, giving a wider range of opportunities for the Company to do solo work.

Recently we have done a stage play which was a huge success. we performed Hi-De-Hi at Clent Parish Hall to which Noda came and watched. the write up we had from them was so positive it has motivated us to do more plays like this in the future. 

TFO are proud to have earned a reputation for lively, innovative performances of quality. We are widely recognised as having a strong chorus - and some outstanding principal singers. Recently our productions have been augmented by members of the Langley Youth Theatre.


We extend our open invitation to all singers who would like to join the Company

Years In The Making


The Committee

Acting Chairman - Richard Cooper

Secretary - Beth Siviter-Coupland

Treasurer - John Cooper

General Committee Members


James Hale

Val Harley